Whew! Done! Well, mostly done...
These pages contain just about everything that I have been able to find out about Young Heroes. Like all web indexes, these will be undergoing a process of revision over the next week or so. I'm not gonna tell you that you should check back every week like some people, but there will be a few more additions and some slight changes.

The format is structured as it is because I had planned this to be an ongoing project as the series progressed, making a new page each month. The format was designed to help introduce new readers to the series, and is written that way. There should be plenty to keep loyal readers interested, but the basic goal was to have an external reference in case a new reader couldn't find a particular back issue, she or he could keep up with the story here. So... lend out your back issues and go make new readers, Ok?

Of course, there will be more issues added after we convince DC to do some one shots.

You can navigate through the index in order by clicking on the start bar, or by using the numeric links at the bottom of this page.

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with Issue #1

The story so far:

A brief overview of the story so far, lifted from the letters page. I think that Dan Raspler wrote these.

Plot Summary:

A brief summary of the major plot points revealed in this issue. These are not designed to be spoilers, if you want more detail, go buy the back issues. I had originaly intended this format for an ongoing series. I wrote these, and managed to entertain at least myself while doing so.

Unanswered Questions:

As in any good soap opera, there will allways be unanswered questions to leave you hanging for the next issue. Most, but not all, of these were answered before the end of the series.

Did You Notice:

As the series progressed, the artists began to feel more comfortable with placing little "Easter Eggs" around in the corners of panels. While not really the focus of a given panel, these little tidbits certainly added to the flavor of the story. I will take suggestions, but there are OBVIOUS things that are not the main focus. Generally, these are things that I missed on the first read-through. I gave credit to Spooon for a couple because he (in his well-thought out, elloquent, and intelligent reviews) caught a few things that I did not. Anyway, if you see something that I missed, let me know, and I might add it, I might not. No angry "Why didn't you include...." emails please.

The Creators Speak:

In various places on the net, and in the letters column, the creators have made little comments about particular issues. Several of these have been collected here to cast some light on the creative labor that goes into creating a quality comic each month.

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