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Young Heroes In Love #13

For Whom The Bell Grumbles

Hard Drive -- Crashed!

Writer: Dan Raspler

Guest Penciller: Christopher Jones

Inker: Keith Champagne

Editor: Dan Thorsland

Letter: Bill Oakley

Colorist: Noelle Giddings

Asst. Editor: Ali Morales

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The story so far:

Hard Drive put a team of superheroes together, which is good. But he's got a serious screw loose, which is bad. Bonfire and Frostbite have finally consumated their long-burning need for each other, which is good. But they blew off their team responsibilities, which is bad. Thunderhead and Monstergirl are remembering that they're old friends again, which is good. But she's still a manipulative creep sometimes, which is bad. Despite his fierce independance, Off-Ramp has stayed with the team, which is good. But he MAY only be staying because he was BRAINWASHED, which is bad. Zip-Kid is deeply in love with her boyfriend Lou, which is good. But Lou is a jerk and Junior is dying of a broken heart, which is bad. Oh, yhea. Hard Drive was shot in the head by The Smartest Boy in the World, which is bad. - YHIL Lettercolumn

Plot Summary:

Things sure do seem dark for the Young Heroes, Kids! Their leader has been taken away for a period of "lifestyle adjustment" and the gang has found out that he had been manipulating everyone all along! The Young Heroes do some serious soul searching as they try to figure out where to go as they all come to crossroads in their lives. Can the Young Heroes keep it together with out the mental manipulations of Hard Drive? You bet they can!

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