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Young Heroes In Love #8

Take No Prisoners To The Twilight Of The Gods!

Sex, Lies, and the Scarecrow!

Writer: Dan Raspler

Pencilier: Dev Madan

Inker: Keith Champagne

Editor: Dan Thorsland

Letter: Bill Oakley

Colorist: Scott Baumann

Asst. Editor: Ali Morales

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The story so far:

Once upon a time there were three friends: Thunderhead, Monstergirl, and Off-Ramp. One day, during a car race, Off-Ramp met a brave young man named Hard Drive, who convinced him through somewhat dubious means that they should all form a super-hero team together. Hard Drive brought some acquaintances of his own to the group, two nice young people named Bonfire and Junior, and one sort of cold guy named frostbite. The team had a few exciting adventures together, and soon grew to fee that they were ready to participate in the next company crossover. In any rate in no time at all, a couple of the YOUNG HEROES started eyeing each other with impure thoughts, and it taxed Hard Drive's mind control abilities to their limit keeping his teammates out of each others costumes.

As you can imagine, this was pretty exhausting for everyone. So last issue they took a week off, and went to work and stuff.

Except for Off-Ramp, who's got a hell of a confusing life. - YHIL Lettercolumn

Plot Summary:

Scary stuff in this issue kids! The Dark Knight's old sparring partner, the Scarecrow, has gotten loose from Arkham one more time! Desperate to have the situation wrapped up quickly, the government looks in the phone book for some "super" help. Faster than you can say "Dial H for Heroes" the gang springs into action against the Master of Fear himself! It's non-stop spine-tingling thriller-diller action this time! Can the Young Heroes overcome their own deepest fears and rally under the banner of justice to save the day? You bet they can!

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