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Young Heroes In Love #7

Young Heroes Unplugged

The Faces of DC Month

Writer: Dan Raspler

Pencilier: Dev Madan

Inker: Keith Champagne

Editor: Dan Thorsland

Letter: Bill Oakley

Colorist: Scott Baumann

Asst. Editor: Ali Morales

Soap King: Frank Pittarese

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A big chunk of the story so far:

Hard Drive, the ambitious founder of the fledgling team of super-heroes called the Young Heroes, is so determined to fight for the common good that he's willing to brainwash his friends. His real name is Jeremy Horton. Bonfire (whose real name is Annie Fletcher) is a pyrokinetic super-hero fan of epic proportions and is torn between the affections of her teammates Thunderhead and Frostbite. Thunderhead (secretly Scotty Tucker) can't play guitar anymore because of his super strength, but he's not really worried about it at the moment because Bonfire jumped his bones last issue. Or at least he THINKS she did. Frostbite, who never really thought that he would like the life of a super-hero, is loving it, but is so fixated on the way his power interacts with Bonfire's that he's freaking out; he's psyched to get away for a few days. Off-Ramp (an elusive gear-head named George Sloan), briefly broke Hard Drive's conditioning, but was zapped back into submission again by his leader. He's feeling antsy and he dosen't know why. Junior (a.k.a. Ben Newton), is a tiny little man of 5" tall, and he sees in his tiny little teammate Zip-Kid a path to true happiness. Zip-Kid (whose friends know her as Stacey Taglia), is a bundle of enthusiastic nervous energy. She likes Junior as a friend, but is in love with another guy. And as for Monstergirl (known to some as Rita Lopez), she played a very nasty trick on Thunderhead last issue, despite the fact that he's one of her old friends from the neighborhood. I think that covers everyone... - YHIL Lettercolumn

Plot Summary:

Say kids, the Young Heroes sure have been going at it pretty hard, haven't they? Well, they get to take a well deserved rest in this issue, and we get a sneek peek at the lives they lead when the masks come off and the capes are hung up. And what a treat it is kids! This issue not only tells us their secret identities but it answers a bunch of little questions. What goes on behind the scenes? What do they do for day jobs? Where do they hang out? Can they hang out and unwind on their week off? You bet they can!

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