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Young Heroes In Love #16

"I Was Engaged To The Mob!"

A Shocking Secret!

Writer: Dan Raspler

Guest Penciller: Chuck Wojtkiewicz

Inker: Keith Champagne

Editor: Dan Thorsland

Letter: Bill Oakley

Colorist: Noelle Giddings

Asst. Editor: Ali Morales

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The story so far:

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Plot Summary:

Big, big excitement in this issue kids! Lou leads an unsuspecting Stacey further into a web of crime and intrigue. She is introduced to the cunning leader of Lou's confidence gang, an evil villain calling himself "Billy." This isn't going to be an issue that you're going to want to trade with your pals, no siree! You're going to want to read this one over and over again! What a kick you'll get when you're the first kid on your block to read this one! Can the Young Heroes handle red-hot lovin, car bombs, and shape-changing monsters all at the same time? You bet they can!

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