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Young Heroes In Love #14

Revenge of the Lame-O Plot Device.

Young Heroes in Japanese?

Writer: Dan Raspler

Penciller: Dev Madan

Inker: Keith Champagne

Editor: Dan Thorsland

Letter: Bill Oakley

Colorist: Noelle Giddings

Asst. Editor: Ali Morales

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The story so far:

The Story So Far (or at least as much of it as I can cram into a paragraph): This comic is about a group of young superheroes who want to do their best for the world, but who can't seem to keep their eye on the ball. Bonfire and Frostbite, for example, are spending way too much time together, Thunderhead doesn't care as much as he used to since he gott his big meaty hands on a custom-made guitar so he could play again, and Off-Ramp feels funny about the whole scene, but he's gone off to find something in his past to help him find some focus. He's quite a traveler, is Off-Ramp. Junior, meanwhile, is feeling as useless as is customary for someone who's pretty useless - which is why he gets all determined THIS issue, by the way. Zip-Kid is the happiest, most delusional girl in town, confused but delighted that her thuggish boyfriend Lou has proposed marriage. And Monstergirl, the shape-changing, plot-hatching, troublemaker, with a heart of purest bronze, seems to have more tricks up her sleeves than is entirely healthy for a nice young woman like her. Then again she wears leather thigh-highs and giant spikes on her shoulders, so what the hell do I know? - YHIL Lettercolumn

Plot Summary:

Art imitates life this month kids! Thunderhead comes back from the local newsstand with a copy of a Young Heroes MANGA! Everyone is in the MANGA except Junior? Where is junior? The gang gets invited back to P.S. 75 to remind the kids they still have super protection. Junior gets ignored some more, and he makes a firm resolution as a brand new villain unleashes his villainous villainy upon the children of their fair city! Can the Young Heroes (and Junior) stop this evil fiend before he unleashes still more deadly baked goods? You bet they (and Junior) can!

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