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Young Heroes In Love #4

Cry Me A River Of Nigh-Irresistible Beams!

Sex, Lies, and Little People!

Writer: Dan Raspler

Guest Pencilier: Mike Manley

Inker: Keith Champagne (pp. 10-20)
Inker: Ande Parks (pp. 1-9 21-22)

Editor: Dan Thorsland

Letter: Bill Oakley / N.J.Q

Colorist: Scott Baumann

Asst. Editor: Ali Morales

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Plot Summary:

Hey Kids! There is big, big adventure in this month's issue of Young Heroes In Love! You don't want to wait a second longer than you absolutely have to to tear into this month's unusual tale of superpowered action! Get your copy at your newsstand today! The gang gets a valuable lesson on responsibility from Superman, and meets a brand new hero at the same time! Things get a little steamy between Frostbite and Bonfire, and Hard Drive has another little discussion with her about it! Zip-Kid, a blur of pink excitement, meets the rest of the fellows and girls at the headquarters, and we get a glimpse of Junior's mysterious background and origin story! Can the Young Heroes manage to keep track of all of their subplots at the same time? You bet they can!

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