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Young Heroes In Love #5

Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Trans-Universal Galacto Storm!


Writer: Dan Raspler

Pencilier: Dev Madan

Inker: Keith Champagne

Editor: Dan Thorsland

Letter: Bill Oakley / N.J.Q

Colorist: Scott Baumann

Asst. Editor: Ali Morales

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The story so far:

Where to begin? OK... Under the direction and watchful eye of the manipulating and controlling new superhero called Hard Drive, a bunch of like minded good Samaratins band together to help protect their fellow man through the liberal use of exciting super-powers and heroic secret identities. They call themselves the Young Heroes. Thunderhead, Offramp, and Monstergirl are all old pals. Thunderhead has a crush on Bonfire. Bonfire has the hots for Frostbite, who has the hots for her right back, which would've been great except Hard Drive brainwashed her into going for Thunderhead for a good reason he keeps to himself for now. Frostbite has a mysterious background. Hell, they ALL have mysterious backgrounds except Junior, who's just some shrimpy guy with time on his hands. - YHIL Lettercolumn

Plot Summary:

Boy Kids, hold on tight because it's non stop excitement with this issue of the Young Heroes! The GENESIS crossover wreaks havoc with the gang's powers, and since they were not invited into space to go fight with the big kids, they are simply trying to cope until everything blows over. That is until Kalibak, the son of DARKSEID (yes, the son of Darkseid!) shows up with some Parademons and starts cutting loose on city hall! Before they can deal with that, Hard Drive has to go check on his brother Frankie before he rips a hole in the Earth's crust! Phew! Can even the Young Heroes stand this much excitement kids? You bet they can!

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