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Young Heroes In Love #1

Your Lips! Your Eyes! Your Nuclear Breath Vision!

Sex, Lies and Superheroics!

Writer: Dan Raspler

Pencilier: Dev Madan

Inker: Keith Champagne

Editor: Frank Pittarese

Letter: Bill Oakley

Colorist: Scott Baumann

Asst. Editor: Ruben Diaz

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Plot Summary:

This is it Kids! This is what we've all been waiting for! The forming of the hippest team of young superheros to don capes in the name of masked justice! This is the first issue of Young Heroes In Love! Hard Drive gets everyone together on a rooftop in the big city, then the gang piles into Off-Ramps souped-up roadster Roadshow, the hottest set of wheels since the "Boostermobile", to pick up a mysterious new member! Then they cruise back to their new headquarters, a great big leased warehouse downtown! Can the Young Heroes pack any MORE excitement into their first issue? You bet they can!

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