Who she is:

Stacy Taglia used to be really really lazy then she got these super powers and now she flies around and fights crime.

What she does:

She flies around and fights crime and zaps stuff with her pink electric beams. The more she shrinks, the faster she can fly, and the more hyper she gets.

Who she loves:

Stacy seems to be a little confused about this. Her boyfriend Lou is a real jerk, and Stacy was gonna break up with him, but he proposed, and she just melted. She seems to spend a lot of time around Junior, or he spends a lot of time around her maybe.

Why she's cool:

"And I mean, when you can fly? That's a hard secret to keep from your mother."

Stacy, like most of the rest of the team, has had a little difficulty in coming to terms with having super-powers.
Also, she has that way cool retro-type mask.

Personal Data

First Showing: Young Heroes #4

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Characteristic:

Pink Glow

None Known
Lou Piccone

Best Line:
"...'cause who knows what would happen if you knew my real name and some maniac hit you with a turn-evil beam or something."

Bonfire Junior Off-Ramp Frostbite
Drive Monstergirl Zip
Kid Thunderhead
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