Who he is:

Frostbite is Frostbite. Described by Junior as a "belligerent Canadian snow elf" Frostbite has not spent a lot of time trying to bond with the team, (not counting Bonfire, whom he has spent a lot of time trying to bond with) but lately he has made attempts to warm up to the group.

What he does:

Frostbite is mostly a full time hero, but is a silent protector of a few small towns just outside the artic circle in Canada.

Who he loves:


Why he's cool:

A superhero with nipple rings is just cool man!

Personal Data

First Showing: Young Heroes #1

Hair: Dark Blue
Eyes: Light Blue
Distinguishing Characteristics:

Blue Skin
Extensive Bodyart

None Known
Fortune Bay, Canada

Best Line:
"What does she see in that clumsy hippy? He's such an idiot."

Bonfire Junior Off-Ramp Frostbite
Drive Monstergirl Zip
Kid Thunderhead
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