Who he is:

Jeremy Horton is a more than slightly obsessed young man who dreams of the accomplishing the greater good for all of humanity.

What he does:

Possessed of incredible mental powers, Jeremy Horton uses every facet of his being to mold reality to his will.

Who he loves:

Hard Drive loves people, in the abstract. It's individuals that he has trouble with. He has strong feelings for Monstergirl, but he can't let a little thing like that get in the way of the grand vision.

Why he's cool:

Simply, the humanness and the flaws of Jeremy Horton introduces a whole new level of hero into the superhero genre. That is what makes this character great.

Personal Data

First Showing: Young Heroes #1

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Characteristic:

None That You Recall

Frankie Horton
None Known

Best Line:
"...and God help me, this is something I've wanted to say all my life... the Justice League is away on a mission and can't handle it.... it's up to us."

Bonfire Junior Off-Ramp Frostbite
Drive Monstergirl Zip
Kid Thunderhead
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