Who she is:

Rita Lopez still lives with her parents who are keeping secrets from her. Of course, she hasn't told them about her costumed identity. This lack of critical communication in the Lopez household probably helped contribute to Monstergirl's... uh.. intense personality.

What she does

When trouble arises, Monstergirl has the ability to transform into a nightmare creature with incredible fighting skills.

Who she loves:

It's really hard to tell, maybe Hard Drive, maybe Off-Ramp, maybe her old childhood friend, Thunderhead. Monstergirl plays her cards close to her chest. Monstergirl loves monstergirl.

Why she's cool:

Monstergirl is tough, cruel, calculating, manipulative, self serving, and extremely possessive. But a good guy. She wears the leather duster in a world of idiot white-hat cowboy wannabes.

Personal Data

First Showing: Young Heroes #1

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Characteristic:


Hector Lopez
Elena Lopez
Lil Sister
Lil Brother

Best Line:
"What do you mean what do I mean? What do you think I mean?"

Bonfire Junior Off-Ramp Frostbite
Drive Monstergirl Zip
Kid Thunderhead
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