Man of several inches.

Who he is:

Ben Newton, a young scientist desperately struggling against fate.

What he does:

Junior is a full time hero, and flexes his mighty intellect to help out the Young Heroes.

Who he loves:

Junior has had a crush on Zip Kid since he met her, but his head has been turned by Monster Girl.

Why he's cool:

Juinor is cool because he is Junior. Just read the series.

Personal Data

First Showing: Young Heroes #1

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Characteristic:

Four Inches Tall

Mother Newton
Rodger Wong

Best Line:
"Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, unforseen side effects."

Bonfire Junior Off-Ramp Frostbite
Drive Monstergirl Zip
Kid Thunderhead
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