Tom Zjaba of Tomorrow's Heroes was kind enough to let us archive an old interview he had with Dan Raspler. Many thanks go out to Tom. Go check out his site, you can get there by clicking on the logo. He's got lots of neat stuff about retro game systems, anime and his pages are protected by Count Dante!



Wherein we talk to Dan about his new project Young Heroes in Love, his work editing for DC, how he got into comics, and lots of other stuff. We would like to thank Dan for his time and encourage all of our readers to check out Dan's work.

Tom - Who's idea was it to do a romantic type superhero book?

Dan - It was mine.

Tom - What made you decide on a different approach like this?

Dan - Because there is a lot of very similar stuff out there, some that is great and some that isn't, but I didn't want to do more of it. What I wanted to do was something that was more fun, more personal and so that is why I chose to do it that way. It was something that I thought would be fun for people to read and for me to work on.

Tom - Are any of the characters in the book inspired by real or fictional people?

Dan - Everything is sorta inspired by life experiences. So if a character acts cold, then it is based on people I know who might be cold or people in the world who might be cold. No one is supposed to be identifiably based on anyone in reality. Like Hard Drive isn't based on a comic book character or anything like that.

Tom - With the book already into a second print and doing quite well, were you surprised by it or did you expect it?

Dan - I certainly didn't expect it, I didn't know what to expect. The whole damn thing is an experiment. I'm glad at how well it has done and how people are into it. I have been getting extremely positive mail. Very, very gratifying.

Tom - Will they be part of the regular DC Universe? Will they interact with other DC heroes?

Dan - Yes, they are part of the DC Universe. Some of the characters are quite knowledgeable about the other heroes. Superman shows up in issue 3 & 4. They participate in the major crossover in issue 5. So they are part of it. As far as their part in the universe, think of it as if the Justice Leagues is U2, these guys are like a garage band.

Tom - Do you have a favorite character out of the book?

Dan - That is really tough. I think Junior is getting the most positive response, which is really cool. I have a soft spot for Thunderhead, but I like them all.

Tom - What made you choose that particular art style?

Dan - I didn't really choose it, the editor chose it and I am really glad he did. I wanted something distinctive because it's not a mainstream superhero title, so I wanted something special. I didn't immediately hit on a animated style, but the editor at the time, Bret Reese was poking around with Dev Madan. Dev's stuff is so extraordinary. His ability to do body language is extreme due to his animation and computer animation background. He really was able to bring it to life.

Tom - With the unique approach, were you targeting a certain non-traditional comic audience?

Dan - Not necessarily, I was hoping that a more non-traditional audience would be into it. But I am also hoping the mainstream guys will turn to this for a change of pace, dessert. Certainly, it is right in the middle of the DC Universe. Hopefully with its tone, and it is a light tone, they won't have any problems with it. The subplots and stuff should keep people interested.

Tom - I noticed in my store, a lot of female readers have been buying it...

Dan - Excellent! Mission accomplished!

Tom - ...Have you been getting a lot of feedback from female readers?

Dan - Yes, we have been getting a lot of response from female readers. Do me a favor and tell them (female readers), that if they write to the letter column in the book, we will publish their letters.

Tom - You are also an editor, what titles do you edit?

Dan - JLA, Hitman, Spectre.

Tom - For some of the people out there who aren't familiar with what an editor does, could you give a brief description of what an editor does and why they are so important as some books have realized by not having them.

Dan - An editor's job is to make the creators look their best. We function as story editors, we function as copy editors, we function as art directors, we function as the creator's spokesman in house. We're basically the producer, if you want to call it that. The writer and the artist are the directors.

Tom - How did you go about getting into the business of comics?

Dan - I applied for the job, ten years ago.

Tom - What position did you start off at?

Dan - I was an editorial assistant and have been working my way up.

Tom - Was there any certain qualifications they were looking for?

Dan - The ability to type.

Tom - Have you written any other comics?

Dan - Yeah, some Captain Atom, Secret Origins, some Legends of the Dark Knight, some other stuff, fill in stuff. This was my first major project.

Tom - Being an editor, how did it feel to be on the other side of the table?

Dan - Totally, totally different experience. It is something I think every editor should experience. Sometimes it is really gratifying and sometimes its really frustrating.

Tom - Any other projects in the works?

Dan - I want to do a Junior spinoff. I haven't even announced it yet.

Tom - Would you like to see a toy line and/or cartoon show based on the Young Heroes?

Dan - Yes, both. I would love to see a Junior toy. A Totenjaeger figure would be really cool too. He is a villian that appears in the second issue (the interview was done before issue #2 came out), you haven't seen him yet.

Tom - Are there going to be any crossovers from any other villians in the DC universe?

Dan - Caliban from the New Gods. We also just got approval for the Scarecrow.

Tom - How about as far as them (Young Heroes) appearing in other titles?

Dan - They'll be part of the big crossover. Resurrection Man, I heard something like that. There will be more.

Tom - Thanks for the taking the time for the interview and good luck with the book.


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