YHIL Image Gallery

Images that have been donated to this site by the Artists of YHIL

Obviously, the artists reserve copyright on these. Don't try and sell these to anybody, and nobody gets hurt.

Dev Madans Early Character Sketches

Felt tip pen and pencil on paper (I think)

These are incredibly cool. He has saved them at a good high resolution. Take them to Kinko's, pay a buck fifty each to get them printed on the really good printer. Then go get some two dollar frames from Wal-mart.
You now have WALL O' MADAN art. You just can't beat that.


Size = 54,902 bytes

I like the old Wonder Woman skirt. It's very her.

Size = 88,387 bytes

Junior's packin heat!
I like this one, but like the green better.

Size = 112,145 bytes

A cowboy hat?

Size = 115,377 bytes
Still ranking high among the more daring costumes around.

Hard Drive
Size = 119,086 bytes

A much darker, more sinister version.
Dig that wicked scar.

Size = 88,387 bytes

Funny, she dosen't look like a psycho...

Zip Kid
Size = 107,081 bytes

Probably the most (and best) changes.
A purse and freckles. I can see that.

Size = 88,387 bytes

Like a couple of others, a pretty solid concept right from the start.

Miscellaneous Madan Images.

The Gang
A really cool group shot of the team. Used in early promotional material.

Lil' Off-Ramp
Ink on paper?
Hands down my favorite.
This must become a T-shirt.
Or a Trapper-Keeper cover.

Pencil on Paper
Fresh from the sketchpad to you!

Rodger Wong magazine cover by Madan

Junior's buddy Rodger Wong.
Donated to the YHIL website by Michael H. Park, editor of a Seattle-based publication called Asian Focus.
You should go check out his site, because in addition to having a really interesting magazine, it should also have it's own Madan artwork up sometime in the near future. The Asian Focus website had this to say about the cover:

"This month’s cover depicts Roger Wong, a character who will make his debut in Young Heroes issue no. seven.
Wong is a beat cop in training to become a detective and is based on Asian Focus editor Michael Park."

That's a neat bit of trivia to throw out at dinner, huh?

More to come!

(I Hope!)