Gory Details About Jay

  Hmmm, what is this like 22-years now since this went up? I'm 48 these days. I am the SVP of Platform Engineering at Fiserv. Missing from this is a stop off in Boston, MA where I was the VP of Technology Operations for Vistaprint.com (aka Cimpress). I basically was the CIO leading all the technology orgs for the company except for the development teams which were aligned with the business units (and the central dev teams for the platform). Technically I came to work at First Data, but we were just bought by Fiserv at the end of July 2019. My commute is much better now. I live in Atlanta, GA... and 20-minutes to our Marietta office, or 25-minutes to our Alpharetta office. Oh well, until next time.

  Ya know, 17 ago when I started this page I had EVERY intention of doing more interesting with it. Clearly that never happened. :) I'm 43 now. In 2012 I became AOL's first Vice President level Distinguished Engineer. There are two of us here at AOL, I cover the software engineering area of the various AOL Brands (websites) as well as assist as needed with the Technology Operations team. I spend a LOT of time doing M&A and Divestiture work and leading a loose organization of all the Chief Architects across the company. Commute is still long, but I no longer mind it. :)

  Okay, maybe it is not so funny. :) 40 now and running all of Network Engineering and Operations at AOL. Commute still too long.

  Wheee, ok, now it is just funny. Still out of date. 38 these days. Got a promotion last year. Sr Tech Director & Chief Architect. Still run the Network Architecture team at AOL. Added the Network Lab and the DNS team. Other than that, my commute is still too long. :)

  Guess what... out of date. I'm 36 these days, I now am the Chief Architect for all networks at AOL. I also manage the Network Architecture team as well. Also, I bought house as you can see in the gallery and while I have a bit of a commute, I have to admit I love having a place our own.

  Yeah, yeah... out of date. This is becoming the running blog of Jay's bio at this point I guess. :) Anyway, 34 now. I'm still the Chief Architect of IC at AOL and I'm still managing the AOL IC-NSA team... the big important news though is that I'm no longer single!!! I'm living with my girlfriend and her Black Lab, Duke. Duke is the cutest dog ever as is evidenced by his pictures in my gallery. I haven't been GeoCaching since the last time I posted. Now for fun a play a lot of City of Heroes.

  Guess what?!? Out of date again! Really, I'll fix this up sometime! Honest! Ok I'm lying, I'll just keep up with these lame updates every so often. I'm 33 now, I'm still at AOL as the Chief Architect of Internal Computing Network Security & Architecture or the IC - NSA team. I have 4 folks reporting to me now, which is an interesting change, I'd been able to avoid management for nearly 15 years of my career. Oh well. :) Fortunately I have a great group of folks who need hardly any "managing". I'm still quite single. And for fun, I try and get out to go GeoCaching.

  Ummm, again, out of date. I really need to rewrite this page. I'm 32 now, and now the Chief Architect of Internal Computing at AOL. Eventually I'll get my page updated, just not enough time to get things done anymore!

  Heh, funny stuff, I complained in the last paragraph about how out of date that this was. Well, it is still out of date. :) I'm 31 now. AOL has 35 million users, with peaks of 2.5 million simultaneous users... Okay, so that's most of the stuff that was out of date.

  Wow, this is out of date, I'll have to update it soon! For instance, I'm now 29 soon to be 30, and I now work for America Online designing one of the world's largest worldwide enterprise networks. (What? You thought a 25 million user ISP would have a small network?) I live in the Washington, DC metro area now too.

  If you are interested in a little detail about me I'll give you some. I'm 27 years old. In the mundane world I am a Senior IT Consultant who travels around the United States designing networks and other infrastructure mostly in healthcare settings. I also provide the project management needed to get the networks in place after I've designed them. I have been working for Perot Systems (yes, as in Ross Perot) since Sept. 1, 1995. Perot Systems stole me away from Frye Regional Medical Center in North Carolina. They moved me to sunny Dallas, TX which is now where I call home on the weekends.